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~Welcome Sonja Radinovich who specializes in Reiki, Energy Body Work, Sound Therapy, Readings, and Cupping!

~Welcome to Dr. Tawfik Saleh, who specializes in Chinese Medicine and Western Chiropractic medicine, offering: Chiropractic Care and Acupuncture! 

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Also available:

-Hyperthermia Therapy (Great for Weight loss- Killing off ruminating diseased or cancer cells- Skin Health- Pain Relief & More!)

-Infrared Sauna Therapy (Pain relief- Skin Health & More!)

-Steam Sauna Therapy (Weight loss- Skin Health- Pain relief & More!)

-Infrared Light Therapy (Pain Relief- Skin Care- Killing off disease cells & More!)

All 4 are great treatments for diagnosis, joint and muscle pain, fibromyalgia, general pain, cancer, weight loss & much more!

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Any questions?...Please fee free to fill in the contact us form or call us to ask. Thank you for coming by to see what we have to offer. We look forward to meeting you soon and "Helping you heal 1st, So you can help others!"

Let if Flow....=)

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Harmonic Egg Sessions

& Remote Harmonic Egg Sessions..

Don't let Covid 19 stop your healing!

We are still open for regular appt.'s- 1 Hour Sessions in the Harmonic Egg. Includes a 15" Pre-appt. consultation (1st visit). Take advantage of our special pricing right now!!! ~NOW Only $75.00~ (Reg. Price= $100)

Remote Sessions: 1 Hour Sessions in the

Harmonic Egg for COVID 19 & Immune compromised Clients. Also includes a consultation for the first one. Get Specials right now!!   1/2 OFF!!! Reg,

In person= $99!   ~NOW Only $49.00~

Ionic Foot 

Bath Detox

30 minute session- Cleansing toxins from the body/ More energized and feeling great within 30 minutes/ Toxins, metals, pollution pulled from organs through over 4,000 pores in your feet....remarkable results! 

  ~NOW Only $35.00~  (Reg. Price= $45.00)

Silver 500- Made in USA

A.K.A -  'Liquid Gold' because it does EVERYTHING! Like an antibiotic in your body and an antiseptic on the outside!


4oz. Bottle- Join our Promo club to get your 10th Bottle FREE too!


Plant-Based & Organic -Animal Safe Too!


Dark Murky Brown/ Top of the Line Silver!

        ~NOW Only $55~

Also Available...Silver 1500 at $120

with 3x's the potency!

Harmonic Egg Book & Music Drive

Harmonic Egg Inventor, Gail Lynn's Book- "Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing" & Music Drives with the music tracks from the Harmonic Egg!

Enjoy Reading all about the new healing science of the future....Order our first ever book about the Harmonic Egg, written by the inventor herself, Gail Lynn! You will enjoy reading about how the ancient times of medicine have come full circle to help us, with the use of Harmonic Egg sessions! Get it today, complete w/ testimonials, from Harmonic Egg clients!

                             ~NOW Only $17.00 (book) & $100 (1-music drive)!~

Harmonic Egg Prices and Packages, with other services are possible, please contact us for those options...

7-10 sessions are needed, for regular re-setting, but especially to re-train your body and re-balance your nervous and autonomic body systems. Memberships are ideal for those wanting to maintain cell memory and Chakra aligning to assist your body the most in healing. Memberships also come with benefits, gift certificate deals, once a month, for friends, family, gifts, etc. priority booking for appointments and a monthly newsletter, with healthy recipe ideas! Contact us for details! GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE -CLICK HERE! 


All About Me Health & Wellness Center

"We help you heal you can help others!"

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