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All About Me Health & Wellness Center

1224 K St. Modesto,CA. 95350

209-409-8953 or 209-595-0109


Harmonic Egg Sessions- In Person

Light, Sound & Hertz Energy Therapy- Balance your body to heal on it's own!

Bulk packaging & specials now us to discuss...

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OR 10 for $700

~ $150 Off~

Remote Harmonic Egg Sessions

Don't let Covid 19 stop your healing! Balance your body from the comfort of your own space. Bulk packaging & specials now us to discuss...

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Ionic Foot Detox- Clear away toxins up to your liver!

30 minute session to clear away toxins & help move toxicity to clear it out.

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OR 2 for $60

~ $10 Off~

Pair w/ Harmonic Egg for $100

Services- Body Work-

Infrared Sauna- Red Light Sessions

15-25 Min Sessions in an Infrared Therapy Sauna- Great for pain, fibromyalgia, detox, skin help & much more..

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$15 for One Session OR for $35

~$10 Off~

Pair w/ Harmonic Egg for $95

Hyperthermia- Sauna Dome Detox- Health & Weight Loss (Shrink Fat Cells, Kill Disease/ Cancer Cells...) 

35 mins to 50 mins session, sold in a pack of 3 as well, to save $15

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$30 first session OR 3 for $75

~$15 Off~Pair w/Egg for $110

Steam Sauna- Detox Sessions

15-25 Min Sessions to detox your body of extra toxicity, fatty foods, help skin, & much more

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$15 for One Session OR 3 for $35

~$10 Off~

Pair w/ Harmonic Egg for $95

Ear Candling... Special Paper cones provide a "candle" to burn and draw old wax, new wax, past infections, etc to alleviate many issues. Our clients have experienced better hearing, help with balance and equilibrium issues and much more!....................................... $35 OR 3 for $90....Pair w/ Harmonic Egg for $100

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Personal Consultation (Via Phone, Internet or In-Person)... One on one consultations to assess a health pathway, to go over supplements, to explain needs, supplements needed, therapy that would be useful, current medications, etc....$25 (30 min) OR $45 (1 Hr)

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Oxygen Chamber... Enjoy 45-60 minutes of oxygen, laying in a chamber, closed, as you listen to music or play games. Clients report help with healing injuries (past & present), killing cancer cells, helping w/ brain trauma & much more!... $75 (45-60 mins) or 3 for $200

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Harmonic Egg Prices and Packages, with other services are possible, please contact us for th​ose options...

7-10 sessions are needed, for reg​ular re-setting, but especially to re-train your body and re-balance your nervous and autonomic body systems. Memberships are ideal for those wanting to maintain cell memory and Chakra aligning to assist your body the most in healing. Memberships also come with benefits, gift certificate deals, once a month, for friends, family, gifts, etc. priority booking for appointments and a monthly newsletter, with healthy recipe ideas, not to mention setting a lower price for your sessions too! Contact us for details! GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE -CLICK HERE! 



All About Me Health & Wellness Center

"We help you heal you can help others!"

209.409.8953 ~ 1224 K St. Modesto, CA. 95354