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Harmonic Egg Sessions- In Person

Light, Sound & Hertz Energy Therapy- Balance your body to heal on it's own!

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Remote Harmonic Egg Sessions

Don't let Covid 19 stop your healing! Balance your body from the comfort of your own space.

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Ionic Foot Detox- Clear away toxins up to your liver!

30 minute session to clear away toxins & help move toxicity to clear it out.

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Services- Body Work-

Infrared Sauna- Red Light Sessions

35-45 Minute Sessions in an Infrared Therapy Sauna- Great for pain, fibromyalgia, brain trauma, detox, skin help & more..

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Hyperthermia- Sauna Dome Detox- Health & Weight Loss (Shrink Fat Cells, Kill Disease/ Cancer Cells...) 

35 mins to 50 mins session, sold in a pack of 3 to see how it works, 1st Sess $39, 2nd $35 & 3rd $15.

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Steam Sauna- Detox Sessions

35-45 Min Sessions to detox your body of extra toxicity, fatty foods, etc.

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Help us Help Our Community, by donating to our monthly cause!

This month we honor those in need who need our holistic care & do not have the funds to pay their bill in full. Whether it's therapy sessions, supplements or medical products. We will draw from your donations to help our children suffering from life-threatening medical diagnosis, like cancer, as well as families who need a little help. Thank you for you support & help in our goal!

We're raising $20,000.00 until 4/21/21 for help with my community. Help now:

Harmonic Egg Prices and Packages, with other services are possible, please contact us for those options...

7-10 sessions are needed, for regular re-setting, but especially to re-train your body and re-balance your nervous and autonomic body systems. Memberships are ideal for those wanting to maintain cell memory and Chakra aligning to assist your body the most in healing. Memberships also come with benefits, gift certificate deals, once a month, for friends, family, gifts, etc. priority booking for appointments and a monthly newsletter, with healthy recipe ideas, not to mention setting a lower price for your sessions too! Contact us for details! GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE -CLICK HERE! 


All About Me Health & Wellness Center

"We help you heal you can help others!"

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